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Congratulations on joining KW Classic Realty!

Now... what's next?

For any questions related to the onboarding process, please reach out to for assistance.

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ORRA Code of Ethics

Supra Key Activation      

      & Download Supra eKey App

Install Printer Drivers

      Printer code = last 4 digits of your SSN

MLS Classes      

      Required for all new subscribers

Download KW Apps

      Download AFTER Command training


MLS Basics

This required class teaches every new Stellar MLS subscriber the basics of how to use the Matrix MLS System to power their real estate business.

MLS Compliance 101

This required class for new subscribers reviews the MLS comprehensive Rules & Regulations to ensure that all users have access to the best data possible.

MLS Add/Edit Listings

This class is mandatory for agents who will be adding and modifying listings in the MLS. We will also share valuable tips and techniques in the listing entry process.

Apps to Download

KW Consumer App

Branded with your name when sharing from the app, the KW Consumer App allows clients to search for listings in any zip code or neighborhood and you to devise a plan for every buyer and seller, monitor their progress, and keep them informed.

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Command Mobile

  • Manage your database on the go

  • Quickly see tasks and important dates

  • Easily message or call your database

  • Take notes of your activity as it prompts you after each call

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Supra eKey

The Supra eKey app is designed for real estate professionals who belong to an association or MLS using the Supra system. Contact your association or MLS to subscribe to eKey service or to upgrade from basic to professional.

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KW Command & DocuSign

How to Create Opportunities in Command

First step in any transaction process is to create an Opportunity. Opportunities are where you’ll store your executed documents and submit for Compliance Review.


How to Attach DocuSign Documents in Command Opportunity

Once you have all your documents e-signed in DocuSign, you will then import them into your Command Opportunity and submit it for Compliance Review.


DocuSign Rooms 101

DocuSign is used to generate all of your Contract documents. You’ll also use this tool to send your documents for e-Signatures.


How to Create an Offer in Command

An Offer is required before submitting a Commission. This tool is especially useful for your Listing to keep multiple offers organized.


Get Paid with Commissions

A Commission must be submitted to the Market Center for a Disbursement Authorization to be generated. When a DA is generated – you have the opportunity to be paid at the table!


How to Read a DA

Once you’ve taken all the necessary steps and your Command folder has been approved - you can request a DA (Disbursement Authorization). Unsure on how to ‘read’ the DA - scan to watch the video!


New Agent Videos

Starting your Real Estate Career?

Check out this library of introductory classes for the new entrepreneur.

Command #2 - KW Command & Market Center Intranet

Learn how to book a conference room, book the content creation space, search for other KW agents worldwide, & more!

Command #3: MLS & OneHome Portal

Command #4: Setting Up ShowingTime & RPR Apps

MegaOpen House Class with Ronnie DeCarlo

Learn how to hold a MEGA Open House with our very own Technology Trainer, Ronnie DeCarlo, industry veteran & brokerage leadership.

As-Is Purchase Contract

Learn from our Market Center Compliance Manager Bob Fallon, about how to fill out a Florida As-Is Purchase Contract!

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