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Please explore this page with an open mind.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” — Albert Einstein

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Social Media Resources:



- Schedule Content using: 

- Photo editing/Virtual Staging, & 3D renders:

- Customized Photo editing/Video editing/Print editing:

- Free Video Editor: 

- Create videos for marketing campaigns:

- Video Email/Message Service:

- Record Videos of your screen & laptop camera simultaneously, showing customers how to use your KW app or how to use your KW website:

- Remove the background from an image FOR FREE:

- Sending large files (mp3 or video):

- Youtube Studio (Audio Library of sounds to use, analytics, & more):

- Royalty Free videos (B-rolls) & video editor:

- Hashtag generator/research tool:


- Color Palette Generator (for when you create a brand):

- Compress Images for your website (so the site loads faster): 

- AI video generator platform (create videos of realistic avatars, saying what you want them to say):   

- [TikTok specific] Removes watermark from tiktok videos to repurpose them:

- Video Editor (App) on phone: 

- Turns text into video for content marketing: 

- Have Artificial Intelligence write copy for you (copy = caption of photo, caption of video, etc..): 

- Widget to add on website (face-to-face chat, live-chat messaging, & more added onto your website):

- (Youtube Specific - paid site, reasonable price, cancel anytime) Optimize Youtube Channel & Grow it with: 

- FREE guide to Social Media Formatting Sizes:

- FREE guide to crafting a Social Media Content Strategy:

- FREE guide to building a Social Media Marketing Funnel that converts:

- FREE guide to when is the best time to post on Social Media:

- FREE guide to 20 content ideas:

Market Research Resources:

- YOUR current social media following! Ask your followers what they know/how they feel about real estate/realtors. Gather people's pain points & find ways to address/solve them, then incorporate that into your marketing strategy scripts. 

- Measure your digital identity (analyzes online presence, grades you out of 100, & gives recommendations):

- Review platform for happy customers to rave about you:

- How to know what keywords to use/what keywords competitors are using:                                   

- Amazon Book Reviews: Look at what people are saying about the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book by Gary Keller, or MREI by Gary Keller. 

- Open Forum Discussion Platform, where you can ask questions (about real estate, realtors, local markets, etc..) & get responses:

- Gauge your competition's websites using: 

- Trend Research: 

- Promotional Materials: 

Marketing Resources:

- Free QR code generator:

- Digital Business Card:

          (Blinq is also an app!!! It uses a QR code to give people your info)

- FREE Custom Email Signature Generator:

- Advertise on Google with:

- OR a place with even higher click-through rates (30% higher than google):               

- Sphere of Influence targeted ads (give them your database & they run hyper-targeted ads to those people):

- SEO Academy, teaching you how to get to the top of Google's/Yahoo's/Bing's/etc... search pages organically (SEO = Search Engine Optimization):

- Make sure you're a recognized business on Google:

- YOUR KW PROVIDED WEBSITE: usually your Example: (that acts like a Zillow, showing people MLS data) & if you have other branding ideas: CREATE A LANDING PAGE OF SOME KIND. Either on a social media platform or using one of these landing page providers: Reel Geeks, BoldLeads, InCom, Placester, BrandCo.

- FREE Resume builder: 


- Remove items from images for FREE: 

- 95+ FREE online SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools: 

- Search Engine that does NOT collect your data: 

- FREE Logo generator: 

- SEO Keyword Insight Platform, keyword suggestions, content ideas, & more:           


- Marketing Campaign Examples: 


- SEO Tools & Resources (PAID, not free): 


Miscellaneous Resources:

- Test how fast your internet is:


- Identify a Font using a picture: 


- Find similar sites to ones you like: 


- Reverse Search Images:


- Project Management Platform: 


- Furniture Manufacturers of big brand names (like World Market): 


- Learn to make anything (like Youtube, but for crafters & creators specifically):


- Remote Work Platform: 


- Update/Install Computer Programs at once (like googlechrome, itunes, etc..): 


- Free Wifi Finder (find free hotspots): 


- Legal Help of all kinds, in one place: 


- Alternatives to popular softwares/platforms: 


- Availability of Username & URL Checker 

- FREE Form Builder

KW Resources:

- "Let's Talk Luxury" Mastermind Recording with Guest speaker - Aaron Kaufman:


- KW Command How-To Video Tutorials by Marty Miller:  


- 66 Day Challenge, version 5.0:


-KW Command App:


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